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7 Secrets of a Successful Project Task List Template

Are you going to manage a project? Do you know how to do it right? Don’t stress. We’re here to give you the best project task list template.

Handling a project is a lot of responsibility. To match the expectation of your client, you need to put your best effort. Achieving that level of effort should start by being organized. A simple way to do that is by using our project task list template. It is a template to organize all the tasks you have to do. Read our article for more information!

How to utilize our project task list template

All the templates are given to you. Now, how do you use all that templates? The simple answer lies in our tips:

  1. Don’t stick with one

Sticking with one template could be a mistake. If you think the template don’t suit you, simply try another one. The wrong template will be able to hurt your productivity more than you think.

  1. Make it your own

After choosing a template, make it personal to you. Think of things that needs to be added or deleted. Add your own touch to make it more tailored to your need.

  1. Ask for the opinion of your teammates or employee

If you still aren’t sure of your choice of template, ask. Sometimes your employee or teammates have a better grasp of the whole project. Therefore, they might have a great advice on which project task list template to use.

Project Task List Template

project task list template
project task list template

Project Task List Template Excel

Project Task List Template Excel

Project Task List Template Free

Project Task List Template Free

Project Task List Template PDF

Project Task List Template PDF

Project Task List Template Word

Project Task List Template Word

Qualities a project manager should possess

Using the template is not enough. You also have to have these qualities:

  1. Detail oriented yet holistic

You need to pay attention to every part of your project. But, at the same time, you also have to be able to look at the bigger picture. If not, you’ll get lost in unimportant details.

  1. Assisting, not dictating

Dictating people every time will make them hate you. What you need to do is to assist. Ask them “How can I help?”. Be a friend first to be a great boss.

  1. Responsibility

Full responsibility is needed in a great leader. It will make your client respect you too.

  1. Calmness

Projects come with a lot of stressful situation. A sense of calmness can make things go smoothly. It signals people that there’s no need to stress. The answer can be found when everyone is calm.

A project task list template is an absolute life savior when you want to manage a project. All you need to do is to utilize our template. You’ll see how stress doesn’t have to be an integral part of project managing!