50 Great Two Weeks Notice Template

Be responsible when you are about to quit from your company. Show that trait by using our professional two weeks notice template.

A work ethic is loved by employers when and after you’re done working for them. Show that you have an impeccable work ethic by using a two weeks notice template. This letter is needed to end your work relationship on a good note. Curious to know more? Read our article below.

What’s in a Two Weeks Notice Template?

You’ll find some must-haves in a two weeks notice template word. Those must-haves are:

  1. Your identity

The first thing you need to write down is your identity. Your name, address, and phone number is a must.

  1. The company’s identity

Then, write down the company’s identity. Who do you want to send it to? Be specific with the name.

  1. Details of leave

After that, write down the details of you leaving the job. When is the exact date, why are you quitting, what is your plan after is the questions you need to answer.

  1. Your impression towards the company

You also need to write good things about the company. Say how grateful you are for the company. It shows your good nature.

  1. Signature

Close it off with your own signature.

Two Weeks Notice Template

Two Weeks Notice Template
Two Weeks Notice Template


Two Weeks Notice Template PDF

Two Weeks Notice Template Word

Two Weeks Notice Template Free

How to leave your workplace in a good note

Not that the letter is not enough. Sometimes, you just need to be a little extra to make things even better. The tips to leave a good impression when you say goodbye are:

  1. Finish your job well

Before you leave the job, finish your job well. If you can’t, delegate it to someone else in the company. Make sure that your employee knows this arrangement. Finishing your job well means that you are responsible even when you are about to quit the company.

  1. Don’t make a big deal out of it

Making a big deal out of leaving will just irritate people. Tell your boss and close co-worker that you’re going to be gone. That will suffice. Only throw parties if your co-worker wants to make one for you.

  1. Be helpful and kind to people

On your last days at the office, be helpful and kind. Go out of your way to help people. Be nice even to the janitors in your office. Therefore, people will remember you in a good way.

It’s impossible not to leave the last good impression when you use our two weeks notice template pdf. It got everything that you need and more. Paired with our tips, you’ll surely be missed by everyone in your workplace.