4 Best Tips for Fighting A Pregnancy Discrimination

Women gets discriminated all the time. One of the strongest example is pregnancy discrimination. We’re here to show you how to fight that.

Pregnancy is a gift from the universe. Raising a baby is something truly magical. But, not in some company’s eyes.

Some company choose to lay off mothers who are pregnant in the name of “productivity and efficiency”. That should not be justified. Our article will show you how to voice your opinion to the company.

Why pregnancy discrimination is wrong

Discrimination to women in the workplace is wrong, especially a pregnancy discrimination.

The company essentially asks you to choose between two option. Either you work full time, neglecting your health. Or you go jobless, unable to economically take care for your child.

This is an option mothers shouldn’t have to make. But, the company thinks they have a good reason for this.

Companies think that mothers won’t be able to work in their full capacity when pregnant.

This lack of performance will affect the productivity goal that the company is aiming for. Well, women might lack performance during their pregnancy. But, it is normal considering their condition.

Forcing them to go jobless or even cutting their wages is unjustified.

The fight against this discrimination is not solitary. Every nation is battling this. Some laws banning this discrimination is already in place. But, the thing is, not all of the laws are applied.

Some company are still stuck to that old way of thinking. That is mothers needs to be equipped to protect themselves.

Tips for Fighting A Pregnancy Discrimination
Tips for Fighting A Pregnancy Discrimination

Defending your case

You already know how horrible the discrimination is. Now, it is time for you to learn how to fight back. Here are our efficient tips on fighting discrimination towards pregnant women:

  1. Equip yourself with knowledge

Does your state have any law banning this discrimination? Equip yourself with laws and facts to support your case.

  1. Get legal help

If going solo is not enough, then ask for legal help. Finding a lawyer, though expensive, can be the perfect way to fight that discrimination.

  1. Be confident

Don’t waver. Be confident that what you say matters. Being confident will make your case sounds serious to the company.

  1. Prove yourself

Prove that you can be productive, despite the company’s perception. But, remember to take care of yourself while you are at it.

Pregnancy discrimination shouldn’t be left unquestioned in this era. You need to fight back.

First, you need to find the reason why this discrimination is so unjust. Then, you can defend your case with the tips and tools that we’ve given you.